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Is Famagusta Tap Water Safe To Drink?

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LAST UPDATED: 12:53 pm, April 8, 2021

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Can You Drink Tap Water in Famagusta?

We don't have enough information to make a specific recommendation about the safety of drinking tap water in Famagusta, Cyprus.

However, based on information from nearby locations, the average water score in Cyprus is a out of 100.

Tap Safe includes data from many publicly available sources, including the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control), and user submitted databases, but unfortunately there's not enough data about Famagusta.

To see user submitted ratings of the water quality for Cyprus, see the "User Submitted Ratings" box on this page.

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The main source of tap water in Cyprus is from wells, which are dug deep beneath the ground. There are two types of wells in Cyprus and one of them is the well known as the Cyprus well. The other type of well is the aquifer well, which is a smaller well, less than ten feet deep.

The Cyprus wells, also called aquifers, were dug to the depth where they could hold enough water to supply the needs of a community for drinking and bathing. Many years ago, when people first began to build houses in Cyprus, they used these wells as their source of drinking water. As the population grew in these areas, wells were dug deeper and eventually aquifers were formed that would hold water for bathing and cooking.

Aquifers can vary in depth because there is not only groundwater in Cyprus, but it also has the rainwater that falls from the mountains. It is thought that this rainwater contains much more dissolved solids and minerals than normal rainfall. It is thought tha

The estimated price of bottled water

$0.72 in USD (1.5-liter)


Famagusta tap water
  • Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility 41% Moderate
  • Water Pollution 43% Moderate
  • Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility 59% Moderate
  • Water Quality 57% Moderate

The above data is comprised of subjective, user submitted opinions about the water quality and pollution in Famagusta, measured on a scale from 0% (lowest) to 100% (highest).

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Always take extra precautions, the water may be safe to drink when it leaves the sewage treatment plant but it may pick up pollutants during its way to your tap. We advise that you ask locals or hotel staff about the water quality. Also, note that different cities have different water mineral contents.

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