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The 5 Amazing Properties of Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Ionizer Technology The electrolytic cell of the ionizer machine parts normal tap water into two streams of acidic and alkaline water. The acidic water has to sterilize attributes and can be used for healing skin problems. Because acidic ionized water is also fitted with the external pH of the human body, which is […]

The 10 Dangerous Contaminants in Your Tap Water

Do You Understand the Dangers of Tap Water? If you know the dangers of drinking tap water to your health and well being, you would think twice before putting it into your body. We often take the purity of our tap water for granted, and we shouldn’t. There are endless reports of contaminants in our tap water. […]

Tap Water

Tap water is water provided to a tap(valve). Raw water travels directly to the user (household, apartments, buildings, etc.) Or water running from the supplier going through indoor plumbing and water tanks. The water management using a pipeline network to supply water to inhabitants. You are most likely aware that you use tap water regularly for […]

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