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The 5 Amazing Properties of Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Ionizer Technology The electrolytic cell of the ionizer machine parts normal tap water into two streams of acidic and alkaline water. The acidic water has to sterilize attributes and can be used for healing skin problems. Because acidic ionized water is also fitted with the external pH of the human body, which is around 5.5 pH, it is also excellent and used as face and body wash for delicate skin and hair protection.

Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline water can reestablish health, youth, and balance to your body. Our human body requires to be on the alkaline side to resist disease and function usually. Yet, our present eating habits and stressful lifestyle drives our pH below 7.3 into the acidic side. As a result, our body tries to counter this by generating an alkaline body fluid of pH8.8 from the pancreases as the peak. By drinking alkaline water, we can quickly help our body to maintain body fluid at pH7.3 according to the homeostasis function.

It also has the following amazing properties.

a) Standard large water clusters break into smaller groups. Smaller water groups help your body to be more effective at absorbing nutrients and flushing more toxic waste out of your system. b) Water ionizer causes natural minerals in the water to become more activated. Activated minerals are much better consumed in the body. A variety of minerals discovered in water are necessary to help our bodies to function correctly. c) Control harmful bacteria in organs and increase beneficial bacteria to prevent disease. There are 100 kinds of bacteria and trillions of micro-organisms living in the large intestine. d) Oxidation-Reduction Potential - help neutralize free radicals or active oxygen and fight aging and disease. e) Abundant Hexagonal Waterworks better with the body. The ionizer breaks down the usual water cluster of 13 molecules into smaller groups of 6 molecules and prevents diseases. Purified Alkaline Water At Your Convenience. The beauty is the convenience of having healthy alkaline water right in your kitchen whenever you need it. That is about 7 times a day per person. And if you are a cook at home, it is about 20 times a day. Now no bottles to left, never run out of pure water. Just the convenience and the time you saved is worth its weight in gold.

Tips on How to Select the Right Drinking Water Filter

In Canada, there are over 100 000 water system units being sold periodically. In the market, there are numerous different brands available to pick from. So which system is fit for you? When choosing your water filter system, you will want to consider the following basic tips:
  1. Types of Water System: There are two kinds of water systems; water filter system and R.O. system. The water filter system removes chlorine, chemicals, and particles such as metals, dirt, and bacteria. R.O. The method removes everything that a water filter can remove, and on top, it also removes minerals. The R.O. system costs $600 to $1500. The water filter system costs $60 to $400.
  2. Quality of Filter: When purchasing a system, you should look for the NSF certification logo. NSF is a non-profit group that certifies water systems. There are 2 standards: No. 53 is for Health Effects, and No. 42 is for Aesthetic Effects. Under No. 42, water systems are ranked from class 1 to class 5 for particulate and chlorine reduction. Class 1 is the best, and class 5 is the worst.
  3. Water Flow Output: You want a system that has excellent water flow output. Pitcher type systems have a very low water flow, and it can take over 5 minutes to produce 2 liters of water. A good system can produce 2 liters of water in less than a minute.
  4. The capacity of Filter: This is how many liters of water a filter can produce before it needs to be replaced. It is vital to change the filter as recommended because overused filters can have bacteria growth. You should look for a filter that gives you plenty of water for both cooking and drinking. Why would you want to drink clean filter water, but cook with regular tap water? Some good systems require a filter change after 2800 liters of water, and that is about once every year for a family of 4.
  5. Convenience/Maintenance: You like to get a water system that requires little or no maintenance. It is not convenient if you have to replace the filter every month or have to wait a few minutes for a system to produce a glass of clean water. Kitchen Spaces: Most kitchens are very space limited, and the water system comes in different sizes. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get a system that is powerful and compact in size.
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