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Smart Water

Smart Water is a bottled water which first came to market in 1996 in the United States. It uses a vapor distillation process to purify water in a similar way to the water cycle seen in nature. It is available in a number of countries across Europe, America, Australasiaand Asia. Is Smart Water Healthy? Smart […]

Nutritional Facts about Aquafina Water: What You Need to Know!

Water is generally known to aid in absorbing essential nutrients and the sustenance of life. Our cells cannot endure in the absence of water. Our blood is 83 percent water, our bones are 22 percent water, our brain is 74 percent water, and our lean muscles are 75 percent water. This is why you need […]

Voss Water

If you are in an expensive restaurant or hotel bar, you may want to order one of Voss’s sleek, distinctive bottles of water – but are you paying for tap water? Because Voss water isn’t just known for the purity of its water and stylish bottles, they also faced criticism for selling Norwegian tap water. […]

Best Water Dispensers

Water Dispensers and Water Jugs Chatting around the water cooler is a tradition that is so ubiquitous it’s used to refer to any informal chat people have at work. Water cooler conversation rarely discusses the actual water cooler itself though, so this article is here to help you figure out the best water cooler for […]

Bacteria in Drinking Water

Bacteria in Drinking Water and Human Health You may not realize it, but millions of unseen creatures live and thrive in the water you drink. It’s bacteria. While some bacteria are beneficial and innocuous, others cause disease and illness. Did you know that water systems deteriorate over time, that older pipes can harbor germs, and […]

Nitrates in Drinking Water

Nitrates- Are they in your Tap Water? Nitrate contamination occurs in surface water and groundwater, leaching into the soil and from there into the water supply from various sources. . Nitrates can reach both surface water and groundwater as a consequence of agricultural activity (including the excess application of inorganic nitrogenous fertilizers and manures), from […]

PFAS in Drinking Water

PFAS – are they in your tap water? PFAS also known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are a broad group of chemicals made by man. These chemicals have been used in our industries for a long time and in the production of varieties of items which we use daily. Due to their persistent nature, PFAS […]

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