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Is Haifa Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Yes! Generally Safe to Drink*

LAST UPDATED: 12:53 pm, April 8, 2021

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Can You Drink Tap Water in Haifa?

Yes, tap water is drinkable.

Tap Safe includes data from many publicly available sources, including the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control), and user submitted databases, but unfortunately there's not enough data about Haifa.

To see user submitted ratings of the water quality for Israel, see the "User Submitted Ratings" box on this page.

The tap water is safe in Haifa, Israel. If you’re not used to their tap water, you may have an issue with the taste. Most hotels and restaurants provide filtered water, as opposed to boiling. The problem is not bacterial. Therefore boiling is typically not required. Mineral water or bottled spring water is available throughout. However, if you buy it in the hotel, you’ll probably be charged over what you would pay in a supermarket or kiosk.

Generally, only 20% of exposure to environmental pollutants is from drinking water, but this value changes based on current knowledge concerning the means of exposure to each specific pollutant. For example, in particular pesticides, exposure from drinking water constitutes only 1% of the total exposure.

Besides, about 20 other factors are regularly monitored in the water, which has a potential organoleptic effect. These typically do not affect health: they might affect the taste, smell, color, or water temperature.

The primary source of water in Haifa, Israel, is from the Kishon River’s surface water. The river starts in the Jezreel Valley and empties into the Mediterranean near Haifa, 70 kilometers long.

Because of the complexity of the rehabilitation method, Haifa’s regional environmental association, together with the department of the Environment, launched an investigation study on Haifa Bay’s carrying capacity and the Kishon River. It produced vital data on various subjects, including water quality in the Kishon and its tributaries, pollution sources, and emission discharges and concentrations.

Another source is groundwater and wastewater. In 1996, a wastewater treatment plant for Hadera was built near the coastal strip, midway within Haifa and Tel Aviv, serving to decrease wastewater discharge in the Hadera River.

The estimated price of bottled water

$1.8 in USD (1.5-liter)


Haifa tap water
  • Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility 39% Low
  • Water Pollution 54% Moderate
  • Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility 61% High
  • Water Quality 46% Moderate

The above data is comprised of subjective, user submitted opinions about the water quality and pollution in Haifa, measured on a scale from 0% (lowest) to 100% (highest).

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Always take extra precautions, the water may be safe to drink when it leaves the sewage treatment plant but it may pick up pollutants during its way to your tap. We advise that you ask locals or hotel staff about the water quality. Also, note that different cities have different water mineral contents.

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