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Is Eskisehir Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Yes! Generally Safe to Drink*

LAST UPDATED: 12:53 pm, April 8, 2021

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Can You Drink Tap Water in Eskisehir?

Yes, tap water is drinkable.

Tap Safe includes data from many publicly available sources, including the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control), and user submitted databases, but unfortunately there's not enough data about Eskisehir.

To see user submitted ratings of the water quality for Turkey, see the "User Submitted Ratings" box on this page.


Water from the Eskisehir River provides drinking water in Eskisehir, a city located in the province of Lycia in southern Turkey. The city has an average yearly rainfall of only 7 cm. The quality of the water that enters the country is therefore of very high standard and can be considered as safe for consumption by most people. However, there are many areas in the country where tap water from the Eskisehir River does not meet health criteria and is not regarded as healthy or safe.

The first thing to notice about this type of water is that it does not have a very good taste and smell. It does not give you the impression that the water is refreshing and clean. There are no signs of life present in the water. It is neither contaminated nor free of bacteria like other waters around the world. The water is therefore not good for drinking and has no value for health.

The bacteria present in the water can cause many illnesses in humans. It can lead to skin di

The estimated price of bottled water

$0.28 in USD (1.5-liter)


Eskisehir tap water
  • Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility 35% Low
  • Water Pollution 28% Low
  • Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility 65% High
  • Water Quality 73% High

The above data is comprised of subjective, user submitted opinions about the water quality and pollution in Eskisehir, measured on a scale from 0% (lowest) to 100% (highest).

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Always take extra precautions, the water may be safe to drink when it leaves the sewage treatment plant but it may pick up pollutants during its way to your tap. We advise that you ask locals or hotel staff about the water quality. Also, note that different cities have different water mineral contents.

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