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Is Concepcion Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Yes! Generally Safe to Drink*

LAST UPDATED: 12:53 pm, April 8, 2021

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Can You Drink Tap Water in Concepcion?

Yes, tap water is drinkable.

Tap Safe includes data from many publicly available sources, including the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control), and user submitted databases, but unfortunately there's not enough data about Concepcion.

To see user submitted ratings of the water quality for Chile, see the "User Submitted Ratings" box on this page.


I''m here to discuss a very interesting subject, can you drink tap water from Concepcion Nieto''s Chile? This article will explore the different ways that we can tell if it is safe for us to drink this water.

The reason that I am writing this article is because there has been so much talk about the contamination of the water in Chile. With the recent earthquake and tsunami that happened in Haiti, many people are asking the question is drinking this contaminated water dangerous? The short answer to that is a resounding yes!

If you don''t know, I live in a rural area with lots of rainforest. I have seen some of the devastation caused by hurricanes in other parts of the world but nothing on this scale. We have never seen a hurricane like this before. The damage was horrible, to say the least. The flooding of homes, businesses, etc.

The water that we have found in Chile is not something that is safe for consumption. That is a direct result of

The estimated price of bottled water

$0.86 in USD (1.5-liter)


Concepcion tap water
  • Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility 19% Very Low
  • Water Pollution 33% Low
  • Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility 81% Very High
  • Water Quality 67% High

The above data is comprised of subjective, user submitted opinions about the water quality and pollution in Concepcion, measured on a scale from 0% (lowest) to 100% (highest).

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Always take extra precautions, the water may be safe to drink when it leaves the sewage treatment plant but it may pick up pollutants during its way to your tap. We advise that you ask locals or hotel staff about the water quality. Also, note that different cities have different water mineral contents.

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