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Perrier Water

If you’ve ever sat on a café terrace in the sun, sipping a Perrier water, did you catch yourself picturing you on a similar terrace in France? You wouldn’t be the first one! But is their water really that good? Does it really come from France? Is there something special about their water?

Read on below to find out everything you wanted to know about Perrier!

What's So Special About Perrier

It's impressive that, already in the late 1800s, Perrier was being sold as the 'champagne of water' in their classic green bottles. Those references to champagne weren’t just hype, the water source in France has natural carbonation, and made a drink stand out in the late 1800s. With the reference to champagne, and the iconic green bottles, customers in the U.K. and U.S. felt like they were buying a little bit of French sophistication. 

Perrier still uses the same water source and spring in France, but don't rely on natural carbonation anymore. They use modern techniques to carbonate the water in a separate process that reflects modern standards and tastes.

Over the years, Perrier has managed to remain a top-selling bottled water with a 100-year history. Their green bottles are still instantly recognizable. Their marketing campaigns and regular collaborations with artists still give their brand a sophisticated feel.

Is Perrier Water Good Quality?

The natural geology of the source of Perrier water in southern France enriches the water with a spectrum of different minerals like calcium and magnesium. Minerals in small amounts are considered healthy, and add a few extra minerals to your diet.

Perrier gets tested regularly by the FDA, and is safe to drink. Many bottled waters don't make the test results easily available, but Perrier's results can be found on their website. This gives at least the impression that they stand behind the quality of their product. Does this give their water some 'transparency' (groan)?

Is Perrier Sparkling Water Or Is It Mineral water?

It's both sparkling and mineral water! 

Officially, Perrier calls their product 'carbonated mineral water'. 'Sparkling water' simply means that the water is carbonated.

Mineral water is water that comes from an underground water source and naturally contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. It can be either carbonated (sparkling) or not, and Perrier's water is carbonated.

What Are The Ingredients In Perrier?

Perrier's trademark water is just carbonated mineral water, nothing else. As explained, mineral water does have a natural content of minerals that aren't extra, added ingredients.

The 'Natural Flavors' range of Perrier water is exactly what it promises: they've added natural flavors, such as strawberry, to their carbonated water. They are sugar-free.

The 'Fusion' Perrier drinks also offer fruity flavors, but using natural juices. Fusion drinks do have added sugar as well as the natural sugars found in juices. Color is added to some drinks using plant extracts, such as from carrot or pumpkin.

For your morning caffeine boost, Perrier has their 'Energize' range, whose ingredients are described separately in the next section.

What Is Perrier Energize? Does It Have Caffeine?

Perrier's Energize drink combines their carbonated water with 1) different flavors, 2) sugar, 3) yerba mate extract, and 4) caffeine extracted from green coffee. Each can of Energize contains a total of 99 mg of caffeine, about the same as an 8 ounce coffee...and luckily they mean American coffee, and not 8 ounces of the stronger coffees they serve in southern France.

Perrier currently offers three different flavors of Energize (see the next section 'Flavors') that all have the same base of yerba mate and coffee extracts.

What Flavors Does Perrier Have?

Perrier has developed a range of products built on their carbonated water.

There are 9 'Natural Flavors' that are all flavored water, sugar-free, and light and fruity in taste. These include: pineapple, peach, watermelon, strawberry, lime, pink grapefruit, L'orange, cucumber, and lemon.

Four different 'Fusions' offer sweetened Perrier water combined with natural juices: Pineapple & Mango, Peach & Cherry, Strawberry & Kiwi, Lemon & Guava.

There are three flavors of the caffeinated Perrier 'Energize': Tangerine, Pomegranate, and Grapefruit.

What Is Murakami Perrier Water?

Murakami Perrier Water is not a different kind of drink, but a different bottle label. Perrier asked Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to design limited edition bottle labels. His fun, colorful labels were first available in 2020 (later in some regions).

These bottles don't seem to be currently available from online retailers, and may be more difficult to find.

Where Does Perrier Water Come From?

Does the Perrier water you buy in America really come all the way from France?

Yes, it does! All Perrier water comes from an underground water source located in the south of France in a small village called Vergèze. This is the same source that Perrier has always used, although nowadays, it uses modern carbonation methods instead of the natural carbonation that it originally was known for.

Perrier Murakami Special Edition Water

Frequently asked Questions asked about Perrier Water

Is Perrier Water good for you?
Yes Perrier Water generally good for you. It serves to keep you hydrated and provide minerals. Plus the taste is hard to beat. I the bubbles can cause a little discomfort for those with sensitive teeth, so be careful.
Who Owns Perrier Water?
The Perrier Water brand is a owned by the Nestlé Waters Company, a Swiss Multinational.
Is Perrier Water Alkaline?
Water is considered to be Alkaline if it has a pH of higher than 7. Perrier Water reportedly has a pH of 5.5, making it more acidic than most waters.
Is there an issue with Perrier Water?
Perrier suffers from being owned by the Nestle Company, which has been criticized widely for profiting off of natural water supplies and selling them back to people a much higher cost.
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