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Liquid Death Water

Are you tired of dainty bottled water that tries way too hard to impress you with how unbelievably healthy it is, when what you really want is a can of water with attitude? You are in luck! What you need is a can of Liquid Death to satisfy your ‘attitude’ needs…and maybe even water that will ‘murder your thirst.’

Is Liquid Death some kind of special water, or did this young canned water company find a secret well of water with attitude hidden deep under the mountains? And is there really a heavy metal album devoted to hating Liquid Death?!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about water, murder (?) and Liquid Death.

What Is Liquid Death Water?

Liquid Death water is mineral water in a tallboy can. Nothing more.

It is sourced from an underground well in the Austrian Alps. From their water quality report, there are fairly typical levels of calcium, magnesium and other minerals. This promises a nice water that won’t be too extreme in taste, alkalinity, or anything else. 

The ‘extreme’ side to this mineral water is the marketing. Liquid Death has found new customers for their water that didn’t need a Perrier or Evian to feel complete, but liked drinking water with attitude. 

Liquid Death promises with their aggressive slogan to ‘murder your thirst’, and based on their strong sales growth, it looks like they are finding customers happy with the results.

Liquid Death Mountain Water Vs Liquid Death Sparkling Water

Liquid Death Mountain Water and the Liquid Death Sparkling Water contain the same mineral water sourced from the Austrian Alps. The only difference is that the sparkling water is carbonated

Liquid Death Sparkling Water uses slightly less carbonation than a soda, which they say avoids a bitter taste in their sparkling water. They are quick to add that there is still more than enough carbonation for ‘award-winning belches’. They’ve put some thought into getting this level right!

Liquid Death Water Review - What Does It Taste Like?

Liquid death is a slightly alkaline mineral water. The levels of minerals aren’t especially high or low, you may experience it as a typical mineral water. Most people seem to like it. 

There may be some people who have been disappointed with Liquid Death because their expectations were raised by the hardcore image that they sell. A can that ‘murders your thirst’ must surely have some sort of special water…right?  Well, the water it sells is a perfectly fine, normal mineral water. The image is special. 

Who Owns Liquid Death Water?

Mike Cessario came up with the idea for Liquid Death Water and patented the name in 2017. Their cans of water were available for purchase in 2019. 

Cessario was formerly a creative director at Netflix. He had an idea to market a canned water aimed at the ‘straight edge’ community, which are hardcore punk fans that avoid the excesses of, for example, alcohol and drugs. 

It’s not clear if straight edgers are the main buyers of Liquid Death now, but the company’s strong growth shows that there is a large group of people that don’t need their bottled water to have a super-healthy, wholesome image. The company has grown from online sales in 2019 to being represented in major supermarket chains throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

Liquid Death Water

Frequently asked Questions asked about Liqud Death Water

Is Liquid Death Just Water?
Yes, Liquid Death is just water in a tall boy can. It was made for the straight-edge, punk community.
Is Liquid Death Better For The Environment?
On their website, Liquid Death says that aluminum is better for the environment than plastic because it is more efficiently recycled. Plastic, they say, is often just shipped to landfills because it costs too much to recycle. 

Liquid Death also states that they donate 10% of profits from their water sales to charities that help reduce amounts of plastic in the world.

Other websites support the fact that efficient recycling of aluminum can mean less energy use in the long run than plastics. However, one shouldn’t forget that aluminum is a resource that comes from a mined material, and its production produces some toxic chemicals that have to be dealt with. 

They don’t compare the environmental effects of aluminum with glass.
What pH Is Liquid Death?
According to the water quality report on the website of Liquid Death, their water has a pH of 8.0. This is a slightly alkaline level.
Why Does Liquid Death Look Like Beer?
Most sodas and sparkling waters apparently use 6-8 grams/L carbonation, but Liquid Death Sparkling Water uses only 5 grams/L - and that’s the same amount as you’ll find in a typical beer. The company states that this avoids a slight bitter taste from too much carbonation.
Is There Alcohol In Liquid Death?
No. It’s just mineral water. 

Maybe the confusion started because their sparkling mineral water has carbonation levels similar to beer…or maybe people aren’t used to a mineral water with the kind of attitude that Liquid Death markets? They think it must have something more?
Are There Heavy Metal Songs Hating On Liquid Death?

Liquid Death collected some of the nastier online comments/reviews of their product, and commissioned heavy metal bands to use them as lyrics for new songs!  

The songs were released as the ‘Greatest Hates’ album, and apparently did quite alright on Spotify.
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