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Boil Alerts

A boil water advisory is a warning issued by local health agencies because there may be untreated germs in the tap water. During a boil water advisory you should refrain from drinking water straight out of the tap, and either drink bottled water or boil tap water before drinking it. Listen to advisories from your local water provider regarding when the boil advisory stops and starts.

Boil water advisories can also be known as a boil water notice, boil water alert, or boil order. Please see below for a list of the active boil notices we have found on twitter.

What Causes a Boil Water Advisory?
There are a number of potential causes for a boil water notice. Impacts to water mains and service lines can cause contamination on a small scale, while issues at water treatment facilities are usually the cause for city wide boil water alerts. Power outages, or even just simple mistakes at a water treatment plant can cause entire cities to need to boil their water 
How Long to Boil Water for Drinking During Boil Notice? And What is a Rolling Boil?
During a boil notice, water needs to come to a rolling boil for at least one minute in order to make sure all the germs are killed. A rolling boil is a boil where the water is quickly churning and bubbling vigorously.
Can I use a Water Filter During a Boil Notice?
Most water filters are simple activated carbon filters and are not suited to handle water purification to the level that a boil notice requires. So don’t just use your Brita. You might be okay if you have a special camping water filter, but please check with the manufacturer before filtering.
Washing Dishes Boil Notice
If your dishwasher's final rinse temp is up to or over 150 degree Fahrenheit, or has a sanitizing cycle, it should be okay to wash your dishes.
Can you Shower During Boil Water Notice?
It is usually okay to shower during a boil alert, but in some instances such as sewage leaks or really strong contaminant leaks (like Flint, Michigan) you should avoid showering you will obviously want to make sure you do not bathe. Check with your local water provider and they should prove guidance on this issue.
How long does it take water to boil?
Most stove tops boil water at a rate of 1.25 minutes per cup of water. So the more water you add, the long it will take to bring it to a boil. 
Can I Boil Water in a Microwave?
Yes, you can boil water in a microwave, but be careful to boil it in a microwave safe container.
Can I do Laundry During a Boil Notice?
Yes, laundry should be fine to do during a boil water notice. Just don’t lick your clothes.
What to do about Pets?
Pets should also avoid drinking unboiled tap water during advisories as there may be issues for them as well.
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